fjordslorn asked: bacne cultivation

what should I do what causes bacne I need tips an techniques I’m just trying to make my girlfriend happy


i’m seeing AJ for the first time since december on monday night and the thing im most excited about tbh is popping his back zits

I have been aware of this for some time I’ve been actively using less soap on my back when I shower it’s p gross in theory but love makes u do crazy things

It’s me



torple isn’t really a cat I don’t think she’s more like a strange dark presence that haunts my life


SHINY FRAT BRO AJ. (The worst part is it wasn’t even remotely hard to find pics of him being shiny, these are all profile pics.)

this is me


Omg how could I forget how much I hate motherfucking AJs. (worldofhair is the ONLY exception.) Holy shit they are the devil. Racist bro roommate is one (even worse he’s an Ajay.) Horrible next door neighbor I hooked up with for a couple weeks when I lived in the sorority house is one and Shiny Frat Bro AJ is the bane of my existence. 

"shiny frat bro AJ"



diane it’s 2:15 pm and I’m on my third day of seriously cutting down on carbohydrates and dairy, two things that have constituted 80% of my diet for most of my life. My body feels like it is ready to break apart and I have been experiencing mild but consistent abdominal pain.

Title: Obsessed Artist: Mariah Carey 783 plays

Mariah Carey-Obsessed

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I wish I had a cool outfit

I really wish that gurdurr was not a pokemon



this post was about game of thrones